Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Preparations for the Golfer

It's snowing outside and you are unable to get to the course. I realize that some live in climates far away from snow (Florida, for example), but the snow (or cold) is a reality for a lot of us. So what can the golfer do during the winter season in order to prepare for the upcoming golf season? I'll offer two suggestions:

1) Maintain proper biomechanical function

-This can be accomplished by implementing a stretching program that focuses on legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Doing this can prevent an early injury that can hinder the rest of your season or longer. And/or visit a chiropractor to verify that your joints are functioning normally.

2) Exercise your mind

-Mental exercise is at least as important as physical exercise for most efforts in life and golf is certainly no exception. Try playing your favorite course (local or Augusta National) completely in your mind. Try envisioning sights, sounds, smells, and most importantly see yourself making perfect swings with great outcomes. You don't need to play the entire course at one time - this would take four hours! Take about ten minutes at lunch to play one hole. This can also work as an effective stress reliever!

-Nathan Williams

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