Monday, February 1, 2010

Fitness is key

Golfers routinely spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on new equipment, professional lessons, range balls, and greens fees. This money is spent for a number of reasons (recreation, family past-time, stress reliever, means to a college scholarship, etc), but at the root of every player's motivation is a drive to improve. As mentioned earlier, purchases made in relation to golf each year are many, but one factor is usually over-looked when it comes to performance improvement - the human body. Physical function cannot be overexaggerated in terms of breaking past the player's stalled performance. With few exceptions, major breakthroughs in equipment do not occur each year. Even lessons from a top-professional tend to level out in terms of R.O.I. over time. How long have you been stuck at your current level of performance despite 'improved' equipmennt and expensive lessons? If you are like most, the asnwer is "a while". You have upgraded your equipment and spent money on lessons, but what has not changed? The answer to that question could be the key to your improvement. For most in the above described situation, the answer could be physical function. If your physical function does not improve, chances are all the newest equipment in the world will not make a difference. The Functional Golfer is about providing useful information to the golfer in an effort to improve overall physical function that results in improved performance on and off the golf course. If there are particular questions you may have, please ask. I intend to provide useful tips and advice that will allow the golfer to proceed in their individual goals. Thanks for reading and check back often for updates.

-Nathan Williams

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