Sunday, January 2, 2011

Energy Release During The Golf Swing - Part 3 of 3

During the last two postings, energy Conversion and Transfer have been discussed as they pertain to the golf swing. When Conversion was discussed, the focus was placed on from where the appropriate energy is produced during the golf swing. Last month, energy Transfer was examined and an importance was placed on proper transition phases of the swing that optimize the energy produced during the conversion phase. Now, as the Energy series comes to an end, the most important key of energy within a golf swing will be divulged.

It occurs fairly often...the golfer with a visually appealing swing, yet hits the ball relatively short in terms of distance. This player will swing hard with great effort, yet hit the ball shorter than players swinging much easier. What gives? The answer is simple. The player may have conquered energy conversion and transfer during the swing, but without conquering Energy Release, the player will forever perform at sub maximal levels. See, the steps of energy conversion and transfer in the swing are only preludes to the moment of truth. If energy output does not peak at impact, it is no matter how hard the player swings. Energy Release should be at its maximum at impact, and it is this moment that is the most important.

The paradox to this is that swing speed monitors, launch monitors, and animated simulators do not help determine this critical moment of truth - energy release at impact. When swing speed is measured, it fails to capture sequencing and energy release at impact. As a matter of fact, there is only one technology that captures this important information. The technology captures something called the ‘Kinematic Sequence’. There are a few equipment manufacturers that utilize this technology, and K-Vest is one of them. Talk to your local teaching professional about finding someone in your area that can provide this service. If you happen to be in the Memphis, TN area, call us at Germantown Golf Fitness (901) 590-1065. We specialize in the performance optimization of golfers.

So, after all of this discussion about energy in the golf swing, remember this: energy release that peaks at impact is critically important for producing power and consistency. Do you know if your peak energy occurs at impact? Have you seen your Kinematic Sequence? If you are a serious golfer and you have not been ‘K-Vested’, you are missing out and losing ground.

All the best,

Dr. Williams

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  1. Thank you for your informative blogs. I am enjoying your posts. It is amazing how much information can be gained for both the golfer and the golf instructor from a combination of video feedback and use of the K-Vest. The Kinematic sequence reveals the best place to begin making corrections to the golf swing that achieve the desired ball flight.