Sunday, October 31, 2010

Energy Conversion During The Golf Swing - Part 1 of 3

How does the concept of 'Energy' relate to the golf swing?
When a player takes the club away from the ball during a golf swing, the goal is solitary - to build up energy. In fact, the entire back swing is designed to build potential energy that is being stored for later use. The back swing determines the downswing, where the transfer of energy will take place. For our purposes, the potential energy that is created on the back swing is converted to kinetic energy in the transition phase (start of the downswing).

Now, potential energy can not be created past the transition phase, so the energy stored at the top of the golf swing is all of the energy present to convert to kinetic energy. Kinetic, i.e. movement, energy is what is used to actually hit the golf ball. It is easy to understand, then, why the proper back swing is so important to the concept of power generation in the golf swing. The proper back swing is comprised of many aspects, but by only three main keys:

1) Proper Position
2) Proper Equipment
3) Proper Physical Capability

For proper position, golf lessons with a PGA Professional are important. For proper equipment, visit your local club professional. And for proper physical capability, it is important to be assessed by a TPI Medical Professional. If you are in the Memphis, TN area, the doctors at Germantown Golf Fitness are TPI certified and will be able to provide this service. Call GGF at (901) 590-1065 and visit the websites for more information at:

There are two other components of energy that dictate how much power the player will be able to deliver at impact. These are:

1) Proper Transfer of Energy, and
2) Proper Storage of Energy

Due to the importance of each of these topics, each will have an entire monthly newsletter devoted to it in the coming months.

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