Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Golf Workouts

Some golfers believe that lifting wights will hinder their golf swing. If done incorrectly, lifting weights WILL hinder your golf swing. But if you use a golf-specific workout program, particularly if it is designed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), your game will yield wonderful results. Look at Camilo Villegas...he is a wonderful example of how optimizing the function of the human body through exercise and fitness can pay dividends. This is literally true as he won last week's Honda Classic and pocketed $1.4 million. Look up a TPI provider in your area to explore options on how to increase your body's strength and function and improve your golf game at the same time. Local providers can be found through the Titleist website or directly at the following link.


Fitness is often the final step sought out by serious golfers. But this logic is faulty. It is analogous to building a large, beautiful house and then, once it's built, building a good foundation. That makes about as little sense as a player working hard on their game, swing, mental approach, and equipment only to neglect the most important instrument involved in the game - their body. Improve your fitness this year through a personalized regimen and you will be wondering why you neglected this key aspect so long.


  1. I use resistance bands and work on some high rep, low weight athletic routines that use my core muscles. Strength always make you better. Eating right never hurts either.

  2. Good point about nutrtion, AAA_GOLFER. When it comes down to it, nutrition is at least as important as exercise.